Little Zizou is a comedy for audiences of all ages and nationalities. It is the rambunctious and moving story of how two battling Bombay families finally come to terms. In the spirit of Federico Fellini, with just a hint of Mel Brooks, Little Zizou presents characters who show us the necessity of love and the possibility of grace.

Xerxes, 'Little Zizou' as he's known, is an eleven year old soccer-mad Parsi boy whose fervent wish is that his idol Zinedine Zidane visit Bombay. His older brother Art is a talented artist whose wild fantasies come to life in surprising ways. Their father Khodaiji is a self-proclaimed protector-of-the-faith who thrives on the attentions (and donations) of hopeful believers.

Art burns with unrequited love for the daughter of Khodaiji's arch rival, Pressvala, a free thinking newspaper publisher. And to the extreme displeasure of their other daughter, Xerxes adores the maternal Mrs Pressvala. But the real fireworks begin when Pressvala writes a scathing critique of Khodaiji and public reaction is widespread.

As the two households intermingle and conflict, their differences become hilariously apparent and life becomes deliciously complicated for everyone.

Little Zizou stars a galaxy of Indian talent, and celebrates music, dance, lush Indian scenery, even heartbreak; a film that depicts the wonderfully unique and fascinating world of Bombay's Parsi community.

Award winning screenwriter (The Namesake, Salaam Bombay!, Mississippi Masala) and debuting director Sooni Taraporevala has triumphed in crafting a wildly original and exuberant comedy with a subtle, yet transcendent message of tolerance.

Little Zizou is a timeless work and destined to be an international favorite.